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24MP, Nikon Lens system, full frame, highest priced Nikon ever.

heads up: this is a pretty old post, it may be outdated.

-NEWS! - Nikon announces D3X digital SLR

Alright… so the megapixel war is old and worn. It probably doesn't really matter too much anymore, but it sure is amazing to see some of these new cameras. 24 MP is a boatload of resolution. Bringing down the base ISO to 100, a really smart move for studio shooters. But, if the rumors are to be believed, this will be a $8000 camera - aimed at medium format shooters.

Makes sense… the ease of use of a SLR is really convenient in a studio. Digital backs are really hiRes, but are equally as hard to work with. Not to mention, you can use the Nikkor lens system.

It's a bummer that they didn't change the layout of the buttons a bit. I like the D300 method of putting the OK button in the center of the command dial.

I'll most likely go back and edit this post soon, but for now, I'm exhausted from a 8 hour marathon to finish a Knight News Challenge grant for CoPress.

Update: click here for sample of the D3x at high ISOs. (thanks to Trusted Reviews)