Signed and Released: Side Projects are so Good

Two side projects I've been working on: The Vancouver Project and Linked Photographer are now official.

heads up: this is a pretty old post, it may be outdated.

Common thinking in the photography industry is to always have a side project going in addition to your main job. Work, even photography work, is tough. You've got to have a personal project going to keep you sane.

Turns out having a side project can lead to some really good work too. Just ask Google about their 20% rule.

After a long time of not following this sage advice, I am now fortunate enough to announce two.

The Vancouver Project


A good friend of mine, Andrew Burton, and I have been talking for a couple of months about the rise of DSLRs with video capability and what it the implications for sports photographers.

Andrew had the foresight to see that this new technology would come to head in the very near future – namely the coming winter Olympics in Vancouver. Exploring thought, we also realized that this Olympics would be the first since the rise of the real-time web, live video broadcasting from cell phones, Google Wave, and, and, and.

Our realization lead to a plan of action which we're calling The Vancouver Project. Stop by and check us out.

Shameless plug: if you're in a position to help by spreading the word to the right people we'd love to hear from you.

Linked Photographer


In other news, I'm writing a book.

That is a very weird sentence for me to write. I write posts, tweets, cutlines… not books. But, apparently, that's happening :)

An excellent friend of mine, and phenomenal fashion photographer, Lindsay Adler, approached a few months ago saying that she was looking into writing a book, would I be interested in co-authoring?

Today, I signed the contract. We'll be writing a book that's got the tentative title Linked Photographer. It will be part treaties, part howto, and part reference on how photographers can use social media for business. It's a bit more than a for-dummies book, but

We'll be launching soon, so stay tuned!