Random news related to Italy

heads up: this is a pretty old post, it may be outdated.

Troubled Italian carrier Alitalia has agreed to be bought by rival Air France for a cut-price 138m euros(£106m:$215m) in a move to save the state airline. BBC: Alitalia accepts Air France offerNot that this has to do with anything that I normally blog about†. Just that I find it interesting that Alitalia, which I flew to Italy last week, offered great service. Aside from a hiccup at Milan Airport which was no fault of theirs, their service completely satisfactory. I suppose I was surprised to learn that they are struggling financially so much.† side note: huh. never really thought about that before. I blog. I'm a blogger. Interesting.I sort of hate people who call themselves bloggers. Sounds very… pretentious. Ah well, nothing to be done I suppose.