links for 2009-01-04

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Ten questions for journalists in the era of overload at

It's actually 10 things every journalist should ask before clicking 'publish'

  1. Are we making our community feel better-informed or merely distracted?
  2. How important is this for our community to know and why?
  3. Are we chasing the larger story, or just the latest story?
  4. Are we synthesizing information, or merely aggregating it?
  5. How are we serving those who know [nothing | a lot] about the topic?
  6. Have we provided a clear trail through our coverage? [HAVE YOU LINKED?]
  7. Are we using 1,000 words where a picture should be? [Hey, remember that video thing those guys were talking about? It works if it's relevant. If you've made it this far, it's relevant]
  8. How good are our filters? [tag, and SEO please!]
  9. Will our coverage find its audience where and when they’re ready for it? [more SEO, and more SEO, and more SEO]
  10. How are we managing our own info overload? [setup]

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Israel Invades Gaza - Photo Essays - TIME

Fantastic photos from the latest Israeli invasion of Gaza.

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