Iraq: The ten commandments | Salon

heads up: this is a pretty old post, it may be outdated.

Commandment I Thou shalt not launch preventive wars.

Commandment II Do not exaggerate the threat posed by terrorism.

Commandment III Dry up the terrorist swamp.

Commandment IV Recognize that not all terrorists are the same.

Commandment V Reject the idea of "a clash of civilizations."

Commandment VI Do not allow neoconservatives anywhere near Middle East policy.

Commandment VII Talk to Iran.

Commandment VIII Make resolving the Israeli-Palestinian crisis our top foreign-policy priority.

Commandment IX Get the media to grow a spine.

Commandment X Grow up and join the world.

Iraq: The ten commandments | Salon

That should give you a pretty good idea what the article is about. The intro is way lefty and liberal – deciding that there is no choice but the withdraw from Iraq – even if McCain is elected. The meat of the article however, is fantastic. I highly reccomend the read. The list of ten things that needs to be done is quite good in my opinion.