Esquire Gets It…

Esquire announces a huge leap forward in digitizing the Media Industry – Kudos!

heads up: this is a pretty old post, it may be outdated.

Before you read this please bear in mind that the gentleman is the deputy editor of Esquire – a major international magazine.

“The whole chain had to be reinvented,” said Peter Griffin, the deputy editor. “The interesting thing is it has almost nothing to do with the normal way of putting out a magazine.”

-News Flash From the Cover of Esquire - Paper Magazines Can Be High Tech, Too -

Griffin is referring to Esquire's investment in New Media technology – a digital magazine cover. That's right, a dynamic, moving 'paper' magazine. There are no images that I can find of this baby in action – but what a great idea!

Not only that, but this is pushed by some of the top editors of the Media Industry – the very folks who are often accused of not getting 'it' when it comes to New Media.

Cheers Esquire – I'm looking forward to it!

note: Esquire – I really hope that you can deliver this technology at a low cost. If you charge double for a moving cover magazine, you'll do well on the initial issue, but once the novelty wears off, people will forgo the lack of functionality for lower costs.