Comment to the FCC on the Comcast and Time Warner Merger

The FCC is accepting public comments on the merger. This is mine.

heads up: this is a pretty old post, it may be outdated.

The FCC is accepting public comments on the merger. This is mine (text below). You should submit one.

The FCC should not allow the Comcast and Time Warner merger. It would consolidation the ISP industry and strengthen the two geographic monopolies.

The proposed reasons for this merger are an attempt to mislead the FCC and the Public. Comcast promises:

Together, Comcast and Time Warner Cable will make life online better for more people by bringing faster Internet speeds, a more reliable and more secure network, net neutrality protection, low-cost Internet access, and programming diversity to millions of new customers across the country.

Each of the promises are things the public and a good regulatory environment desire, but do not require a merger. That quote is laughable – both company are working against each of these promises. A larger monopoly is not an incentive to improve. A few points to counter the idea that Comcast or Time Warner are acting in good faith:

The FCC should reject this merger based on anti-trust regulations.