Coda Confidential

heads up: this is a pretty old post, it may be outdated.

C4[1] Sasser: Coda Confidential - Uploaded by rentzsch

The designer of Coda. This mostly satisfies my geeky side to watch, but it does have a bunch of funny lines (if you're a geek), and stays entertaining (mostly if you're a designer, programmer, or a geek).

The most interesting part for me (as a geeky designer) was that he jumps straight to photoshop to do mockups. I've always been told (and I find it much easier to) sketch stuff out before hand – then go to photoshop. I suppose if it works for him, then cheers; just not my approach. Although his process of creating a huge multi-layered PSD file is exactly what I do too. I wish my developer (coughphillcough) would look at the darn thing though.