Best Practices

Poynter has bestowed a 'best practices' on me.

heads up: this is a pretty old post, it may be outdated.

Awarded Best Practices, The Poynter Institute

This is a little old now, but worth mentioning: I've won an awarded a 'best practices' recognition from the Poynter Institute for the Light the Night audio slideshow above.

I'm not really accustom to positive re-inforcement, but it did feel good to be told "good job." Especially from an organization like Poynter. I'm grateful, thank you.

Now let me bite the hand that feeds me. I would never have put this particular show up for 'best practices.' I think that it's a really poor example of an audio slideshow. The photos have nothing to do with the audio, the audio is poor, the interview is poor, and the whole thing is too short for the story involved.

But, I'll use one of my favorite words here: meh… whatever. Cheers to the recognition, and let's hope someone looks at the article and finds it helpful.