Apparently Reports, Editors and JUDGES Decide Newsworthiness

Another blow against the free press in the US.

heads up: this is a pretty old post, it may be outdated.

The judge wrote that he expects Gertz "will be prepared to testify regarding the newsworthiness of this case and, more particularly, the reasons why maintaining the confidentiality of his sources is critical to his ability to engage in investigative reporting."

Judge Tells Reporter To Explain Spy Story -

The US is not a particularly great place to be if you're a reporter trying to protect sources. This latest ruling is just another example.

It seems as though the national security is more important than a free press for the public good in nearly every case. At what point does national security gain more by the advancement and continuation of the free press than the suppression of information and the increased secrecy of the government for and by the people?


Greenslade writes that Judge Cormac Carney has protected Bill Gertz from identifying his sources. At least the ruling was favorable.